The Jersey 2 Africa 4 Football Foundation

Jersey 2 Africa 4 Football Foundation is a Jersey-based not-for-profit organisation established in Makuru, Nairobi by Ricky Weir, a former Jersey Footballer of the Year and more recently President of the Jersey Football Association (2006-2012).

Our involvement

The objective of the Foundation is to improve young lives in Africa, both on and off the field. Specifically, the Foundation develops and grows the Mukuru football community. The Mukuru slum, which forms part of the Embakasi district, is home to over 1 million people living in squalor, with little or no electricity, running water or sewerage services. Drugs, prostitution and crime are widespread.

Spoor & Fisher is proud to be involved in empowering Makuru’s young people to use football as a focus – not only by learning and practising skills and techniques, but also by acquiring discipline, respect for others, and role modelling within their community.

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