Cape Verde: deadline extension for DIUs

In Cape Verde a trade mark owner is required to file a Declaration of Intention to Use (DIU) every five years – the DIU may be filed at any time within the period commencing six months before the fifth anniversary and ending six months after the fifth anniversary.

There have, however, been considerable delays in the processing of trade mark applications over recent years. The authorities have therefore announced that the deadline for filing a DIU for any trade mark registration issued in 2013 will be extended for an additional six months.

As most of the registration certificates that were issued in 2013 were issued on 31 August 2013, this means that the period for filing the DIU for these registrations will expire on 31 August 2019. But please note that in the case of any certificate that was issued on a different date in 2013, the expiry date will be 12 months from the due date.

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Date published: 16 May 2019
Author: Spoor & Fisher

Tags: Cape Verde DIUs trade marks