Getaway/Wegbreek. Translation of a Trade Mark Constitutes Infringement. Update

WEGBREEK, the Afrikaans outdoor magazine has announced that it has changed its name to WEG. This follows the ruling of the Cape High Court that the Afrikaans title WEGBREEK constituted trade mark infringement of the title of similar English magazine, GETAWAY. The court ruled that the two names are confusingly similar and that WEGBREEK had to accordingly change its name.

The publishers of the Afrikaans magazine decided not to appeal against the Cape High Court ruling after reaching an agreement with the publishers of GETAWAY. In addition to changing its name, the publishers of WEG, have deregistered the domain name Their new website is They confirm that they have also replaced all materials bearing the mark WEGBREEK, with the new mark WEG.

Shamin Raghunandan

Spoor & Fisher

Date published: 2005/04/01
Author: Shamin Raghunandan

Tags: getaway wegbreek trade mark infringement