Ghana - Service Mark Applications Now Accepted

We are pleased to report that service marks are immediately acceptable in Ghana.

In our Circular No. 370 of May 2004, we reported on the enactment of new trade mark legislation in Ghana. That new legislation substantially revised and modernised the trade mark law in that country, and its highlights are summarised below:

Provision for the registration of service marks for the first time.

Priority under the Paris Convention.

Expanded infringement proceedings.

Change to the initial term of validity and subsequent terms of renewal to consecutive periods of ten years.

The implementing Regulations for the new legislation have, however, not yet been published and the Ghana Registry is continuing to function as best it can using the Regulations promulgated under the repealed legislation.

After discussions between practitioners and the Registry officials, and largely at the instigation of Spoor & Fisher, the Registrar has issued a Practice Notice dated 1 December 2004 stating that service marks are immediately acceptable, notwithstanding the absence of the new Regulations.

As a result, we are now in a position to file applications covering services, and we look forward to receiving your early instructions in that regard.

All instructions or enquiries should be addressed to our Jersey office, and clients may either approach their usual contacts there, or e-mail us at

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Chris Walters

Spoor & Fisher

Date published: 2004/12/01
Author: Chris Walters

Tags: ghana trad mark legislation