Nigeria - Trade Marks Journal

In July 2002 we reported that after an absence of more than two years, three issues of the Nigerian Trade Marks Journal had been published in quick succession.

That pace has continued throughout the year and a further three issues have been published. This means that we have seen six issues of the Nigerian Trade Marks Journal so far this year. The latest issue was dated 25 November 2002.

May we remind readers that there is a two month opposition term in Nigeria. No extensions of time are allowed and formal opposition must be lodged within that term.

It has been our experience that a great many "look-alike" applications are filed in Nigeria. We do not offer a watching service but if we see an application that we think will be of interest to our clients we endeavour to draw it to their attention.

Click here for Nigeria Filing Requirements.

Mike Sevant

Spoor & Fisher

Date published: 2002/11/29
Author: Mike Sevant

Tags: nigeria trade marks journal