S&F helps fuel the Cape Town fire fighters

The recent wildfires in and around the Cape peninsula generated dramatic media coverage – but even the most dramatic images could only hint at what it must have been like to face the flames in reality. Fire fighters in the area found themselves engaged in a battle that went on round the clock for days in succession. While the fires devoured hectare after hectare of vegetation, the people in the frontline had little or no opportunity to grab a meal, a drink of water or a moment’s rest.

An army marches on its stomach and the Spoor & Fisher Cape Town office was quick to spot an opportunity to support the courageous and tenacious fire fighters. Renett Muller rallied the troops in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria and within 24 hours an amount of R4 400 had been raised by the staff. This was matched by the firm rand-for-rand and the proceeds were used to buy water, energy drinks, food and snacks, lip-balm, eye drops, sun block, toiletries, batteries and other items. The efforts of the Cape Town office received a further boost when the local Spur franchise agreed to match the meals purchased on a burger-for-burger basis.

Two batches of supplies were delivered to the Lakeside Fire Department, while the balance of the cash will be donated to the Volunteer Wildfire Services to assist the organisation in continuing its operations. Spoor & Fisher is honoured to have been able to contribute even in a small way to the efforts of the fire fighters. 

Date published: 2015/03/10
Author: Spoor & Fisher

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