Spoor & Fisher's 67 Minutes for Mandela Day

Knit one, purl one – for a snug Mandela Day

An enterprising group of Spoor & Fisher knitters decided to give corporate social responsibility the personal touch by picking up stitches for KasCare – and they have achieved heart-warming results.

Inspired by Mandela Day, the volunteers set themselves targets based on the number 67 and got knitting and crocheting. By July of this year, they had completed:

  • 67 children’s blankets
  • 67 baby blankets
  • 67 pairs of hand-warmers
  • 67 beanies
  • 67 soft toys

This required about 160 kilometres of wool – and a lot more than 67 minutes’ work. In fact, the project took up some 3 148 knitting-hours but the results were well worth the effort. Contributions were received not only from Spoor & Fisher’s offices in South Africa but also, appropriately, from the Jersey office - and what is more - all of this was done after hours as the knitters are full time employees at the firm.

All the items mentioned and a cash donation have been given to KasCare - an organisation dedicated to providing some warmth and comfort to around two million orphans living in Southern Africa. Knowing the deep concern that Madiba had for children, this seems a fitting way to honour his memory.

Date published: 2015/07/15
Author: Spoor & Fisher

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