Swaziland changes its name to Eswatini

It is important to note that the country Swaziland (formally the Kingdom of Swaziland) is now known as eSwatini (formally the Kingdom of eSwatini). This is a result of a decision announced by the monarch, King Mswati III, on 19 April 2018. Unlike many other African countries Swaziland did not change its name when it achieved independence (in 1968).

The official gazette, Legal Notice No. 80 of 2018, states that reference in any written law, international agreement or legal document to Swaziland shall be read and construed as reference to eSwatini.

The change of name is already reflected on WIPO’s systems. eSwatini is a member of WIPO, the Berne Convention, the Madrid Agreement and Protocol, the Patent Co-operation Treaty, and the Paris Convention. eSwatini is also a member of the ARIPO regional registration system for both patents and trade marks.

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Date published: 26 July 2018
Author: Spoor & Fisher