Validation of European patents in Morocco

The European Patent Office (EPO) has entered into an agreement with Morocco allowing for the validation of European patents. The validation agreement will enter into force effective 1 March 2015 from which date Morocco may be designated in European patent applications.

A European patent validated in Morocco will have the same legal effect as a Moroccan national patent, and will be subject to Moroccan and patent legislation. Morocco is a so-called Extension State in terms of the EPC (States recognising European patents upon request).

The national Patent law in Morocco does not appear to have been revised to ensure that the patent legislation is compliant and harmonised with the EPC. Furthermore, it is not clear what documents will be required for validation and the costs thereof.

Patent protection in Morocco is also available through the filing of national patent applications and PCT national phase applications. Patent protection in Morocco extends to Tangier and Western Sahara.

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Margaret Le Galle and Craig Kahn.

Date published: 2015/01/23
Author: Margaret Le Galle and Craig Kahn

Tags: patent news morocco european patent office patent protection