Validation of European patents soon possible in The Kingdom of Morocco

In December 2010 Morocco signed an agreement with the European Patent Office (EPO) for the validation of European patents in Morocco despite the fact that Morocco is not one of the contracting states to the European Patent Convention. At the present time, it is not yet possible to validate a European patent in Morocco. When the necessary implementing legislation is passed by the Moroccan parliament, the agreement will enter into force.

Patent protection in Morocco is currently available through the filing of national patent applications, patent of additional applications and PCT national phase applications. Patent protection in Morocco extends to Tangier and Western Sahara.

Approximately 1 000 patent applications are filed in Morocco each year, with 80% of these originating from abroad (about 25% originate from the USA and about 15% originate from France). Approximately 37% of patent applications are for pharmaceutical inventions and approximately 23% are for chemical industry inventions.

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Craig Kahn

Spoor & Fisher

Date published: 2011/05/24
Author: Craig Kahn

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