Protecting, managing and enforcing IP in Africa


Protecting, managing and enforcing IP in Africa, a continent with 59 countries and islands, requires specialist IP knowledge, enduring relationships and on-the-ground resources, because each country has different laws, policies and infrastructures, at different stages of development.

Spoor & Fisher is proud to be the intellectual property partner of choice across Africa, where local and international companies, law firms and inventors trust our expertise, experience and know-how to protect their IP. With physical offices in Gambia, Ghana, Malawi, Zambia, OAPI (via Cameroon) and ARIPO (via Malawi), a direct filing presence in Sierra Leone and Zanzibar, and carefully appointed local associates, we don’t watch from afar; we actively manage the entire process.

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Liberia São Tomé E Príncipe St Helena Tanzania Central AfricanRepublic SouthSudan South Africa Ethiopia Eswatini Lesotho Mozambique Zimbabwe Botswana Namibia Zambia Gabon Angola Malawi DemocraticRepublic of Congo Burundi Rwanda Uganda Mauritius Réunion (France) Madagascar Comoros Zanzibar Seychelles Kenya Republicof Congo Somalia Somaliland Djibouti Eritrea Sudan Egypt Equatorial Guinea Chad Cameroon Nigeria Benin Cote D'ivoire Ghana Sierra Leone Guinea Guinea Bissau Gambia Senegal Niger Tunisia Cape Verde Mali Mauritania Western Sahara Canary Islands Algeria Libya Togo Burkina-faso Morocco Red Sea Mediterranean Sea North Atlantic Ocean South Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean Indian Ocean

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