Given the global pandemic, we at Spoor & Fisher were unable to celebrate our centenary in 2020, marking 100 years since the 1920 establishment of our firm. But we see no reason not to honour an even greater milestone, 101 years of specialising in intellectual property, during 2021.

“In year 101 there are about 300 people that make up this incredible firm, but we realise that we are reaping the benefits of the efforts put in by many different people during the past 100 years. It is a legacy that we are proud of, and as custodians of the Spoor & Fisher brand we are determined to continue to evolve while remaining true to our core values. We are also grateful to our loyal clients for allowing us to continue onwards on our exciting journey. Here’s to the next 99 years!” – Lodewyk Cilliers, Executive Chairperson

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