We are delighted to announce the opening of our new local office in OAPI: SPOOR & FISHER (Inc. NGWAFOR & PARTNERS SARL)

Existing cases, filings and registrations are being processed as previously arranged and our 2012 tariffs remain the same. Please continue to liaise directly with your usual Spoor & Fisher contact regarding all OAPI cases. We will communicate with our local OAPI office as necessary.

Spoor & Fisher OAPI is serviced by Professor Ephraim Ngwafor, based in Cameroon. Professor Ngwafor is an accredited IP agent in OAPI and is well respected in the region. We have worked with Professor Ngwafor for several years and have now secured exclusively his services covering all aspects of IP. The combination of our intellectual capital, local market knowledge and established relationships with the registries in the OAPI countries positions Spoor & Fisher to deliver the service and quality assurance that clients expect.

For further information, please contact us by email at info@spoor.co.uk.