The legislation that regulates trade marks in Burundi, the Burundi Industrial Property Law, came into force on 28 July 2009.

In common with many trade mark laws, this legislation provides for a 10-year registration/renewal term.

Prior to 28 July 2009, trade marks were registered in Burundi for an indefinite term. To bring these old registrations into line, it was decided that they would have to be renewed within 10 years of the new law coming into force – i.e. by 28 July 2019.

This cut-off date has now passed. The authorities have, however, decided to grant owners of old trade mark registrations a six-month grace period for renewal. Registrations that were obtained prior to 29 July 2009 can therefore still be renewed up to 28 January 2020. A penalty fee is payable for each month of late renewal.

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