Tshwane Haven: Caring For Those Who Need It Most

Tshwane Haven provides a safe home environment for abandoned, abused, traumatised, orphaned, sick and HIV-positive babies and children.

Our involvement

Tshwane Haven was established in 2007, at a time when the Tshwane Place of Safety Association (TPoSA) was having to turn away a large number of children with medical problems. This included children who are severely malnourished, have TB or HIV, have heart and lung problems, or have Down Syndrome. 

The Haven can currently accommodate a maximum of 20 children, 5 foster children and 15 babies and toddlers at a time.

Believing that ill children greatly deserve improved quality of life, Spoor & Fisher proudly supports Tshwane Haven. Our staff have donated to medical bills, and provided groceries, toys, books, DVDs and clothing.

For more information on this or any of our CSR initiatives, email csr@spoor.com.