As a result of political unrest that occurred back in 1991, there is still no IP legislation in Somalia.

It is therefore not possible to register trade marks, patents or designs. Until about a year ago, the only option available to trade mark owners with an interest in trade mark protection in Somalia, was to publish Cautionary Notices in the region to the north, known as Somaliland.

We would like to remind brand owners that a system of publishing Cautionary Notices exists in Somalia itself. Cautionary Notices are published in both English and the Somali language in the Mogadishu Times print newspaper and the online newspaper.

Although Cautionary Notices have no legal effect, they demonstrate a company’s claim to ownership of a trade mark. Cautionary Notices therefore have a deterrent effect.

Trade mark owners should bear in mind the effectiveness of such a notice given the volatility of the country generally.

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