Spoor & Fisher would like to inform all clients that the South African Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO) will, as from January 2011, publish an online version of its monthly Patent Journal.

The South African Patent Journal forms an important part of the services offered by CIPRO, as it presents a monthly update regarding the filing, acceptance, amendment and removal of patents, trade marks, designs and copyright in cinematograph films in South Africa.

By deciding to publish an e-journal, CIPRO has made the South African Patent Journal easily accessible to a worldwide readership with rapid, cost-effective dissemination. Anyone with a serious interest in IP can now stay abreast of the latest patents to be granted, trade marks and designs to be registered and copyright in cinematograph films to be granted in South Africa. The journal also contains information regarding judgements handed down by the Registrar of Trade Marks and notes relating to CIPRO office practise. There is a further benefit that would immediately become apparent to anyone accustomed to the hard copy version: the publication can easily exceed 750 pages – so the e-journal has a much smaller footprint in terms of shelf space and the environment.

The Patent Journal is published on the last Wednesday of each month. Clients wishing to access the online Patent Journal can do so by visiting www.zaip.org/e-journal


Spoor & Fisher