The Jamaican Trademark (Amendment) Rules 2022 (the Rules) came into effect on 30 September 2023. Section 78 of the Jamaican Trade Marks Act allows for the making of Rules. The following Rules set out in the Trade Marks (Amendment) Rules, 2022 are of note:


Rule 2(1) is amended by inserting definitions of the terms ‘communication service’, ‘electronic communication system’ and ‘electronic document’.

Types of marks

Rule 5 is amended by setting out the registration requirements for the following: three-dimensional marks; colour marks; sound marks; smell marks; motion marks; touch marks; taste marks; pattern marks; hologram marks; and multimedia marks.

Expedited examination

Rule 5A is inserted to provide for requests for expedited examination of applications.


Rule 12A is amended to provide that the Registrar may conduct hearings.

Management of proceedings

Rule 45 is substituted to provide for the Management of Proceedings by the Registrar.

International applications

Rule 50A is inserted to provide for international applications, where Jamaica is the country of origin.

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