Uganda’s trade mark regulations have been amended* and owners should note the following: 

Trade mark agents: Registration is now required and agents will need to renew their registration every year. A list of registered agents will appear on the Registry website. 

Applicants’ Addresses: These must in future include an email address, a telephone number and a postal code. 

Searches: These must now be requested on an official form, a TM 27, and a fee will be payable. Previously, a search could be requested by letter. 

Classification: In future, this will be in accordance with ‘the current edition’ of the International Classification of Goods and Services (Nice Agreement). Until now there has been a specific reference to the 9th edition of the International Classification. 

Publication: Publication of an application will no longer be confined to the Gazette. Publication may now be in the Gazette ‘or other media as the Registrar may direct.’ The authorities have already announced that the Uganda Registration Service Bureau IP Journal is considered authorised ‘other media’. 

Extensions of time: There is now a statutory form, the TM42A, and an official fee is payable. 

*Trademarks Regulations No 58 of 2012, which were passed under the Trademarks Act 17 of 2000. 

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