At ARIPO’s 40th Administrative Council Session (Harare, Zimbabwe) in December 2016, further improvements/amendments to the Harare Protocol were proposed and adopted. The amendments including the new schedule of fees came into effect on 1 January 2017.

ARIPO, ARIPO: Harare Protocol Amended and Increase in Official Fees

The Harare Protocol empowers ARIPO to grant patents and to register utility models and industrial designs on behalf of the member countries. Some of the notable amendments include:  

  • A significant increase in official fees including new fees for additional or existing services (see below for some of the fee increases)  
  • Provisions for post-grant amendments
  • Restrictions and clarification on multiple dependencies in claims (multiple dependent claims shall not serve as a basis for any other multiple dependent claims)  
  • Request for substantive examination must be filed for all patent applications and substantive examination fees paid  
  • Further clarification of patentable and non-patentable inventions
  • Biotech inventions – if the disclosure includes nucleotide and/or amino acid sequences, then the sequence listing must also be submitted in a prescribed electronic format
  • Restoration of rights for patents, utility models and industrial designs
  • Restrictions on patentable biotechnological inventions
  • Extensions on time limits
ARIPO, ARIPO: Harare Protocol Amended and Increase in Official Fees

The ARIPO Banjul Protocol on trade marks was neither amended nor discussed at ARIPO’s 40th Administrative Council Session.

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