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ARIPO formerly ESARIPO (before the reference to English Speaking was dropped) was created as a result of a diplomatic conference held in Zambia in 1976. At a further meeting in Zimbabwe in 1982, the Harare Protocol was adopted in terms of which ARIPO is empowered to grant patent protection and register industrial designs on behalf of its contracting states.

ARIPO is a member of the パリコンベンション and it is possible to file an independent patent application claiming Convention Priority. ARIPO PCTのメンバーでもあり、PCT国際出願で指定される場合があります。

ARIPO is mandated to grant patent protection on behalf of the Harare Protocol Contracting States in accordance with the provisions of the Harare Protocol on Patents, Designs and Utility Models.


Membership in ARIPO is open to all foreign countries that are Member States of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Currently, there are nineteen ARIPO states that may be designated in foreign patent applications, namely:

  • ボツワナ
  • エスワティニ(旧スワジランド)
  • ガンビア
  • ガーナ
  • ケニア
  • レソト
  • リベリア
  • マラウイ
  • モザンビーク
  • ナミビア
  • ルワンダ
  • サントメ・プリンシペ
  • セイシェル
  • シエラレオネ
  • スーダン
  • タンザニア(本土)
  • ウガンダ
  • ザンビア
  • ジンバブエ

Unlike OAPI, where single patent protection applications automatically cover all member states and it is not possible to designate the countries of interest, an ARIPO patent application specifically require the applicant to designate each member country where protection is required.

The total of the official fees paid is directly linked to the number of member states so designated. Renewal fees are also directly linked to the number of States designated.


All of the ARIPO states are also members of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and may be designated when entering the ARIPO Regional Phase of a PCT International Application.

If we do not receive instructions specifying the countries that are to be designated when filing, we shall designate all international treaty member states when filing the complete patent application.


Types of Patents:

  • 発明の特許
  • ARIPO地域フェーズPCTアプリケーション


Absolute novelty is required for the product or technical solution. However, novelty will not be destroyed if not earlier than six months before the filing date, the inventor or his successor discloses the invention by exhibiting it at an official or an officially recognised international exhibition.


Methods for treatment of the human or animal body by surgery or therapy and diagnostic methods practised on the human or animal body are not patentable.

This provision does not apply to products, in particular substances or compositions, for use in any of these methods.

Patent Specifications:


  • 成年後見制度(署名のみ)(2か月以内に提出が遅れる可能性があります)
  • 英語での明細書、クレームおよび要約(出願日に必要)
  • 該当する場合は正式な図面(提出日に必要)
  • International Patents Classification (can be late filed, no set deadline)
  • Assignment of the Invention (can be late filed no set deadline)
  • 英語の翻訳が確認された優先書類(3か月以内に提出が遅れる可能性があります)
  • Sequence listing if patent applications contain disclosure of one or more nucleotide and/or amino acid sequences. The sequence listing must also be submitted in electronic form which conforms to WIPO Standard ST.25


  • 成年後見制度(署名のみ)(2か月以内に提出が遅れる可能性があります)
  • 英語での明細書、クレームおよび要約(出願日に必要)
  • 該当する場合は正式な図面(提出日に必要)
  • 国際特許分類(出願日に必要)
  • PCT国際刊行物のコピー(出願日に必要)
  • 国際検索レポートのコピー(提出が遅れる可能性があり、期限は設定されていません)
  • 国際予備審査報告書のコピー(提出が遅れる可能性があり、期限は設定されていません)
  • 特許出願に1つまたは複数のヌクレオチドおよび/またはアミノ酸配列の開示が含まれている場合の配列リスト。シーケンスリストは、WIPO標準ST.25に準拠した電子形式でも提出する必要があります。


The South African patent office is notified of the grant of an ARIPO patent. A patent granted by ARIPO has, in each designated State, the same effect as a patent registered, granted or otherwise having effect under the applicable national law.

The term of a patent in each designated State, is twenty years from the filing date.




The national Patent law in Lesotho, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia does not specifically provide for a twenty year term for an ARIPO patent.

Patents filed directly in these countries have shorter terms with the option of applying for extensions. It is our belief that the term of an ARIPO patent in all of the member countries is twenty years without the need to apply for the extensions. However there remains a level of uncertainty in this regard.

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