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Jeremy Speres is a solicitor of England & Wales and an experienced attorney of South Africa, specialising in international intellectual property and IT law. He has a broad range of experience in transactional, contentious, and prosecution matters across multiple jurisdictions.

He has extensive expertise in consumer products brand protection, working closely with vendors, local counsel, investigators, and law enforcement to develop and manage brand protection programs. Jeremy has notably handled global online brand protection work for Europe’s largest consumer internet company.

Jeremy is highly knowledgeable in internet law, particularly domain name law and online brand protection. He serves as a WIPO domain name dispute panellist, adjudicating complaints under the UDRP and other policies, and is also a .za domain name dispute adjudicator.

His advisory work covers areas such as data protection and privacy, infosec legal concerns, software licensing and development agreements, intermediary liability, social media, e-commerce, and trade mark and copyright enforcement.

Jeremy possesses technical knowledge of the internet protocol suite, open-source intelligence (OSINT), and infosec, including familiarity with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP(S), SSL/TLS, BGP, email protocols, and DNS. He is also well-versed in DNS security concepts such as DNSSEC, CAA, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, DNS over HTTPS (DoH) & TLS (DoT), and Encrypted Server Name Indication (ESNI). Additionally, he has extensive experience as a Linux user.

He has handled contentious and transactional aspects of internet numbering resources, including IPv4, IPv6, and Autonomous Systems (AS), and has engaged with Regional Internet Registries. Jeremy also possesses knowledge and experience in internet governance and the intermediary ecosystem, including enforcement actions on major platforms, dark web investigations, payment provider actions, blockchain domains, on-chain investigations, and NFTs.

Jeremy’s exceptional work has earned him high ratings from clients, including nominations as a Thomson Reuters Standout Lawyer and for the MIP IP Stars awards.

He is actively involved in the IP community and contributes articles to IP and other legal publications. Jeremy also shares his expertise as a lecturer to IP & IT law students at the University of Cape Town and serves as an independent reviewer for the South African Intellectual Property Law Journal.


  • 国際プライバシー専門家協会(IAPP)
  • メンバー–南アフリカ知的財産法研究所(SAIIPL)および裁判外紛争解決委員会メンバー
  • メンバー–国際商標協会(INTA)
  • メンバー–法務評議会(LPC)
  • メンバー–国際商標協会(INTA)データ保護委員会


  • Jeremyは、Managing Intellectual Property IP Stars Handbookに「注目すべき新星」としてリストされています2017、2020-2021
  • 上場–リーガル500
  • 上場–高級法同盟 
  • 2015年以来、AcritasStars賞の傑出した弁護士としてクライアントから一貫してノミネートされています
  • 最高の弁護士–情報技術法:南アフリカ、2022年


  • 世界知的所有権機関(WIPO)のドメイン名紛争パネリスト、UDRPおよびその他のポリシーに基づく苦情の裁定
  • .zaドメイン名紛争審判官
  • ケープタウン大学のIPおよびIT法学部の学生へのゲスト講師
  • 学術雑誌SouthAfricanIntellectual Property LawJournalの独立した査読者
  • 取引を成立させる著者–フランチャイズ
  • Lexologyの作者–商標
  • 世界商標レビューの著者–ライセンス(南アフリカ)、2018年
  • ラグジュアリー法の南アフリカ支部の共著者:管轄比較(グローバルリーガルポスト)、2016年